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Introducing our Revolutionary E-Mentoring Program

Our e-Mentoring Platform seamlessly complements our diversity executive recruiting efforts. By providing a platform for experienced leaders to engage with young managers, we create a pipeline of talent that not only reflects the diversity of our community but also promotes a culture of inclusivity and growth. Through mentorship, mentees gain valuable insights and guidance, enabling them to develop the skills and confidence needed to advance in their careers. As mentees thrive, they become potential candidates for executive positions, contributing to the overall diversity and success of organizations.


The Critical Steps That Enable A Smooth Executive Search

Are you looking for the best executive talent for your organization? Do you want to make your hiring process faster and more effective? If so, you need to work closely with your executive recruiter and help them find and attract the best candidates for your open positions. In this article, we will share some tips on how to help your recruiter hire faster and better, such as communicating your needs and expectations clearly, providing timely and constructive feedback, being flexible and open-minded, offering competitive and fair compensation, and streamlining your interview and decision process. By following these tips, you can secure the best talent for your organization and create a more diverse and innovative workplace.


Why Employers Should Post Their Diversity Statements

Diversity and inclusion are critical components of today's workplace, and many companies are recognizing the benefits of a diverse workforce. One way employers can show their commitment to diversity and inclusion is by having a diversity statement on their website. This article explains various reasons why its important.


Diversity Recruiters' Nicole Leckband Featured in SHRM Article

Managing Director, Nicole Ferrer said she's known candidates who eagerly took a DE&I job with the promise that they would help build change, but they found there wasn't a true commitment to the stated mission at the company and ended up leaving. "DE&I is not only under-resourced but also hidden within the layers of HR," she said. "I've also seen other organizations that are truly committed to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces, and their DE&I leaders report directly to the CEO."


Why Executive Onboarding Is Critical

Executive onboarding is a critical process that is often overlooked or undervalued by organizations. It’s the process of integrating new executives into an organization to ensure they’re set up for success. The goal of executive onboarding is to provide new leaders with the information, resources, and support they need to quickly and effectively assimilate into their new role and make an impact on the organization.

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The staff at Diversity Recruiters really took the time to understand our organization, the type of leader we were searching for and how our staff and board members wanted to engage in the process. They were attentive, responsive and adaptable throughout. The process was easy to follow so we could focus on the crucial decision of selecting our new Executive Director from the pool of wonderful candidates presented to us. We had a great experience working with Diversity Recruiters!
Reyna Rollolazo
Team Child
We selected Diversity Recruiters™ because finding an Executive Director who is representative of the people and communities HomeSight served was the number one priority in our succession plan. This is not easy in our field. Our relationship started right off as a partnership, working with a search committee and board members who had never done an executive search before.
Tony To
Othello Square Project Director
On behalf of the HomeSight Board and ED search committee, we would like say THANK YOU! for the amazing job that Diversity Recruiters™ did in helping us to identify and hire our new executive director. They did an excellent job of vetting and presenting us with most qualified pool of candidates. We are confident that we have selected the right person to lead HomeSight well into the future.
Michael Dotson
Vice President, Banner Bank

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