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Executive (CXO / VP / Board)

We work with boards and search committees to find exceptional talent.

Mid-Level Management

Let us complement your recruiting team to help you find hard-to-fill management positions.

Highlighting Our Differentiation

Inclusive Talent Mapping

Instead of traditional talent mapping, we identify diverse talent (including minority groups, LGBTQ+ individuals, etc). This involved actively seeking out and mapping candidates who would be a fit for our clients.

InDIVIDUALIZED CulturE Assessment

We develop an individualized online assessment tool to evaluate our candidates to ensure the perfect match. This goes beyond a traditional skills assessment and also focuses on their ability to foster inclusive work environments and lead diverse teams effectively.

Candidate Experience Enhancement

We include resources and support that are specifically tailored to our candidates such as mentorship programs, interview preparation sessions, etc. As our top candidates are placed, we ensure we keep a healthy relationship with all candidates to continue our support in helping them reach their career goals.

Long Term Success Tracking

We create lasting relationships that allow us to track the long term success and retention of our placed candidates. We gather continuous feedback from both the client and the candidate to ensure that our placed executives are thriving in their roles and that those organizations are benefitting from their leadership;

tailored outreach campaigns

We develop campaigns that are culturally sensitive and tailored to reach diverse executives. We’ve engaged community leaders when necessary and often leverage social media and other online platforms to reach diverse audiences. By demonstrating a deep understanding and respect for diverse audiences, our firm and effectively reach and engage with a wider range of candidates.


We aspire to build a society in which all individuals have the opportunity to participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. 


Throughout the search process, we guarantee to remain focused on prioritizing candidates who are 100% aligned with your desired candidate profile.


Additionally, because of our firm’s unique focus and commitment to diversity, we attract amazingly talented individuals that may not organically explore opportunities within your organization.

Tony Wright, Founder & Managing Partner


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