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diversity - Jan 12, 2019
Every employer wants the best talent that they can find. They seek the highly educated, the most experienced, and the best leaders that money can buy. While striving for the best is certainly not frowned upon, employers can and should do a better job of understanding how they square in the marketplace so they have a realistic shot at attracting the best talent.
diversity - Dec 14, 2018
More and more workers are "ghosting" their employers by not showing up to work and cutting off contact with the company, according to The Washington Post. It's a sign of the tight labor market, The Post said, as there are more job openings in the US than people looking for work.
diversity - Dec 5, 2018
As a leader, you have to do some important work to allow all of your talent to thrive - and this means creating an environment of inclusion and belonging. We all know that building a company that embraces diversity is the right thing to do, ethically. But it’s also the right thing to do to make your company stronger. The performance of your business will be better if you are more diverse because your company will be more representative of society as a whole. It better understands its customers, its community and its purpose.
diversity - Nov 27, 2018
BY 2045, PEOPLE OF color will make up the majority of the U.S. population. That demographic shift, predicted by the U.S. Census Bureau, is one reason why companies are starting to take workplace diversity, inclusion and equity more seriously. In corporate America, this has manifested in part through the proliferation of chief diversity officers, who are charged with creating policies and climates supportive of workers from an array of backgrounds.
There is no doubt that 2018 is becoming the “Year of the Woman,” with the celebration of the first anniversary of the Women’s March to the launch of the Times Up Movement and much more to surely come. Our voices are actually being heard loud, clear, and more than ever before. I proclaim that this year will not only become the “Year of the Woman” but the year for women of color.
Feb 7, 2018
We invest in founders who are women, people of color, and/or LGBT. We felt like a lot of these people and companies were being overlooked, undervalued, and underestimated. With a little bit of leveling the playing field, we believe that these people are equipped to handle an erratic market and the various ups and downs in the startup world.
Feb 4, 2018
We can’t eradicate the underlying inequality from every industry by snapping our fingers, but we can do something to combat it in our own industry. Entrepreneurship, after all, is contagious. It’s a state of mind, a way of life: A good idea deserves to be launched, regardless of who is launching it. Yet the reality is so often about who gets that opportunity, and when.
Jan 31, 2018
Fears about artificial intelligence have long made great fodder for sci-fi books and movies. But now some of those same fears are starting to influence public policy discussions about real world AI technologies. If such concerns bubble up into a full-blown technopanic, it could undermine AI's life-enriching – and in many cases life-saving – potential.
Jan 6, 2018