executive Search

We help firms find talented executives. Using our uniquely developed assessment tool, we ensure a collaborative process with stakeholders that ensures precision, efficiency, and inclusion throughout the process.

Diversity job board

Our diversity job board gives employers access to our robust database of diverse job seekers. Individuals in our database are sent relevant job postings automatically every day or week, based on their preferences.

leadership coACHING

We help executives and other leaders gain clarity to achieve results. Leaders identify and close skill gaps so they can effectively influence their teams. Our goal is to help leaders perform at their highest level.

executive onboarding

Our 90-day onboarding program is a critical step in ensuring the success of newly-hired leaders. Designed to prevent and address challenges faced by new leaders, our onboarding program helps leaders transition quickly and effectively into their new roles.

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We offer a number of creative and high-value services that were carefully positioned to meet the needs of our clients.

We are very passionate about workplace diversity, and are equally eager to partner with firms who share our passion.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to change the world.

We are a perfect blend of passion and experience. We care about diversity and inclusion, because we know how it impacts community. 

Frequently asked questions

Diversity Management is the strategic alignment of workforce heterogeneity to include and value each employee equally on the basis of their diverse characteristics, and to leverage organizational diversity to enhance organizational justice and achieve better business outcomes.”

Workplace diversity is defined as “the bringing together of a variety of people to one workplace”. 


We work with firms to ensure their candidate pools are reflective of the communities in which they serve. In most cases, this requires extra effort to ensure that under-represented job seekers are included in the search process.


We specialize in the thoughtful presentation of diverse candidates. Our preferred model relies on a collaborative process to ensure our clients understand current market conditions and how candidate attributes should be prioritized for maximum success.


Yes. The requirements of each search will be carefully reviewed. Based on those requirements, your firm will be assigned a search partner that best meets your needs.

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