COVID19 Response

We Believe in the Power of Community.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic is simple. We will always be here to support our partners and to serve our clients as long as there is a need. 


Over the next few months, we will continue to find innovative approaches in helping our clients. Our businesses must continue. 


Our staff have been equipped with the resources for working remotely, and we have some of the best tools in the market to do so. This includes dedicated workstations that allow seamless video-conferencing when required by our clients.


We have not changed our operating hours, and will remain very responsive to your needs when the opportunity to serve arises.


We also are offering any employer the opportunity to post their open positions on our website free of charge. To do so, use the code ‘Community2020’ at checkout.


Posting your position(s) on our online platform gives your firm free access to our vast database of diverse job seekers. As one of the largest diversity recruiting firms on the west coast, we believe this can have significant value for both your firm and the job seekers that are in need.


Please visit our site often. We will continue to innovate with our customers top of mind. We expect to launch additional offerings throughout this difficult period.