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Diversity doesn’t just happen. Employers need to actively seek and recruit candidates from a variety of backgrounds to ensure they’re not inadvertently creating a homogenous workforce. This is why we launched our business years ago – to help employers with the difficult task of recruiting diverse talent.


Our vision is simple: To ensure that all businesses and their leaders are reflective of the communities in which they serve.


Diversity Recruiters™ is an executive search firm that helps connect talented minorities, women, and other diverse populations, to employers who care about diversity and inclusion. Our team believes that a talented and diverse workforce supports innovation and economic freedom. Our value proposition is unique in that (1) we are a pay-for-performance placement firm that shares the risk with our clients, (2) we are highly specialized – our sole passion is to innovate through diversity.


We also care deeply about social impact. As a social enterprise, we donate a substantial percentage of our time and year-end profits to organizations in our local community to support scholarship initiatives and individuals living with barriers.And finally, unlike many of our peers, we only focus on workplace diversity. It’s our core mission. As such, we understand that, even within our own firm, we must practice what we preach. Our staff and board are representative of the community in which we strive to build. In our market, this makes us unique and amazingly qualified to engage in this important call to action.







Our Competitive Advantage
We specialize in targeting under-represented employees, and we understand the importance of inclusion for all ethnic populations, perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. Our philosophy is to achieve true integration, starting at the very top. We aspire not only to change how firms look, but how they operate from within.
We are not distracted by trying to be all things for all clients. We are very passionate about what we do, and we do diversity.
Given our specialization in finding diverse candidates, we competitively priced.
Our superior level of professionalism is the cornerstone of our success.


Unlike many for-profit companies, many of our proceeds are intentionally poured back into our communities to support non-profits who serve individuals that are in need. To find out more about our philanthropic endeavors, please contact us.


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