Senior Marketing Manager


WEconnect is a team of people who have joined together to solve a problem -- one to which we are truly dedicated: saving lives from addiction. We achieve this by reducing relapse, making recovery fun and accountable, and keeping individuals connected to community support.


WEConnect is looking for a Marketing Manager to lead the creation of an industry-leading B2b Marketing division. This individual will also be responsible for building and managing a rich B2b content stream that attracts a qualified audience to our owned properties (including blog posts, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, reports, webinars, infographics, etc.).




We have created a culture of our own. Grown from the knowledge of our shared past, WEconnect exemplifies trust, commitment, flexibility, leadership, work/life balance, and service. Each colleague brings their authentic personality, passion, and ideas to lead, grow, and define a company that seeks to revolutionize recovery through technology.


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